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Hello Houston! Media is a Houston based marketing company. We understand that your social media presence is only a small part of your marketing efforts, but it can have lasting effects and rewards.

We have been working with local businesses and national brands, for the last 4 years, helping to spread awareness for our clients.

Our main focus is connecting businesses with relevant bloggers from around the nation (you can see all of our services by clicking the link in the menu above).

We have a large database of bloggers, and can find you bloggers with readers and followers in your target audience.

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Hello Houston! Media is always looking for awesome bloggers from around the nation to join our ranks.

We strive to offer fun, frequent, and relevant blogger campaigns, review opportunities and plenty of local events to keep you busy.

We offer educational services free of charge to our member, to insure you have the tools you need to perform for our clients!

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